True Confessions: March 23rd

It’s confession day over at the Sisterhood, what do you have to confess today?

I’m going to be honest I didn’t eat so well and I didn’t exercise that much this weekend. And I’m okay with it now (thanks, Christy!). I had a rough weekend, and sometimes eating healthy and exercising just has to take a backseat. Temporarily. Hopefully, I’m back on track this week and my food confessions will be back next week. For now, I’ll leave you with these:

1. Most weekends I fall asleep on the couch and just stay there all night. My couch is that comfortable to me.

2. Okay, I confess: I totally left the vacuum cleaner out in the hallway just so I could watch my spaniel and my shepherd barrel in, run around, then flip out because they were face to face with the evil vacuum. I’m sorry, but it’s just funny.

3. I’m headed to a NASCAR race this coming weekend (is that by itself a confession? Hmm) and have an extra ticket. Yet I told my brother I didn’t have one. I don’t want to hang out with my brother this weekend.

4. The fart machine will be going with me to the NASCAR race.

5. I would LOVE to go on the Amazing Race. Who’s in??

6. I find that by having multiple HBO's I will watch the same movie over and over. Sometimes twice in one day even. I blame the cable company for offering me this many HBO's. My current movie is August Rush. It's just a cute movie.

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Christy M. said...

You should invite the boy to the Nascar race ;)

I'll go on the Amazing Race with you! I think it would be a BLAST!!!!

Put the vacuum away and go get in bed!

Night ;)

Vickie said...

Funny story about the vacumm, but I leave my out because I am lazy not for entertainment purposes. I should use your story:)

Both my couches are uncomfortable. You lucky duck.

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